Email Management

We’ve already discussed this major element, but it bears repeating: the faster potential clients are responded to, the more likely you are to book them. You can work with your VA to establish guidelines for which emails you want forwarded to you and which are fine for them to follow up on.

Blogging Tasks

Even if you are not quite ready to let the actual blog post writing go, think of how much time is spent preparing the post, researching, styling, and promoting it. These are all tasks your VA can easily take over for you, saving 30 minutes to an hour or more per blog post.

Online Research

If you’re looking into a new training or workshop, considering an equipment upgrade, or looking for some background information about a potential client, your virtual assistant can help save you hours of time by completing your online research for you, and forwarding you the results.

Social Media Management

Don’t let this one scare you! Your virtual assistant can learn your social media “voice” and by taking over your social media marketing, will help your brand become more consistent and meaningful with the content provided.

Client Relations

Virtual assistants can be a great resource for writing and mailing holiday cards to clients, sending thank you notes or booking gifts and information packets, or keeping in touch with booked wedding clients monthly to help build a relationship.

Scheduling/Keeping Deadlines

Even the most organized photographer can miss a deadline or let an appointment slip his or her mind. Let your VA help keep you on task, and remind you of important anniversaries or events as well.

Email Marketing

This could be a 20-30 minute a week timesaver, and is a fairly automated task your VA can take on for you. If you are not using email marketing, your VA can help you set up a campaign.

Website Updates

I remember many of my very successful photographer friends would have so little free time, that they couldn’t even keep their website and portfolio up-to-date with their latest and best work. This might not be a time saver, so much as a task you don’t even have the time to do, that your VA can take on for you.

Virtual assistant tasks start at $25 an hour. Website updates and design charges vary by project. 

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