Branding Questionnaire

The following form will help me get to know you and your business so we can consult on the branding and style of your business. The more information you give the more we have to go on. 


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Not just the name; what is the reason you do what you do? How did it all start? Part of the charm of small businesses is the personal element, and the romanticism of a story or journey behind the business, so take advantage of that!
This may take a little more thought and research, but it's absolutely worth doing. Make a statement that combines what makes you truly unique with your overall mission.
It's important to define your unique selling point (or point of difference) for yourself separately too. Your USP could be to do with your product or services, your location, your target customer niche, or other factors.
It's not enough anymore to just answer the question 'Who is your target customer?' with demographic information like 'Females age 18 - 25'; it's simply not specific. Your customers are individuals with personalities and habits that may help you in your marketing efforts if you understand them better. What do they like to do on the weekend? Why do they value your unique business?
Would they be the friendly, approachable guy that everyone goes to for advice, or the stylish fashionista with an expensive luxury taste? Don't stop at profiling your customers - profile your business! Create a character for your business and keep that in your mind when working on any design or copywriting projects.
Keeping some inspiration in mind is always a good thing. Whether it's an influencer your aspire to be like, or a company you adore the branding of, this is your ambition and motivation for what you do!
If yes, please email me a copy of your current logo with a list of things you do/don't like about it and what vision you have for your updated logo.